gorilla safaris Rwanda and Uganda

Gorilla Safari Uganda & Rwanda

At Insight Safari Holidays, we welcome you to Uganda and Rwanda for mountain gorilla safari trips. Our packages are suited for both the luxury and budget traveler to Africa. We tailor your safari to see the gorillas to suit your number of days, accommodation preference and something else that you would like to see or do besides the Mountain gorillas.

Gorilla Trekking 3 days

gorilla trekking
Visit Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for gorilla trekking, lots of sightseeing.

Primate Safari 6 days

primate safari
See the mountain gorillas in Bwindi, the Chimpanzees in Kibale, as well various monkey species and lots of baboons on this primate safari in Uganda

Gorillas & Wildlife 7 days

wildlife and gorillas
Besides taking on gorilla watching, you will make a trip to other wild parks to see the lions, zebras, topi, elephants, hogs, monkeys and various bird species.

Best of Uganda 15 days

uganda safaris
Trip to see gorillas, chimpanzee, monkeys, lions, birds, elephants, hippos,zebras, buffaloes,impalas, topis, , lakes, rivers and Murchison falls

Chimpanzee Trek 3 days

chimpanzee trekking
Kibale forest national park tour to see the wild chimpanzees, various monkey species and lots of baboons, Enjoy the coolness of the home of primates.

Queen Elizabeth Safari 3 days

lion safari AfricaThis is a purely wildlife safari taking you to Queen Elizabeth National Park for lions, elephants, buffaloes and so much more on your game viewing and launch cruise.

Mountain Gorilla Tours  in Africa


What is Gorilla Trekking?

silverback gorillaUganda is well known to be the pearl of Africa and this is because of it natural attractions. The gorillas have attracted large numbers of tourists to Uganda. Gorilla trekking is quite adventurous but something not to take for granted. It has its own challenges and you must be well prepared to discover them in their natural setting. As you plan to go for gorilla tracking in Uganda, don’t think about coming with your family for a luxurious moment. This kind of tour involves you walking through the dense forests, steep slopes, mud and the unexpected rain that can drop at any time. This is frustrating although fun filling at the discovery of the charming animals.

Before you head out for your gorilla trek , there are rules and regulation to follow. Gorillas must be given enough respect and you are not supposed to throw rubbish anywhere in their environment. Visiting the gorillas in Uganda will give you a chance to see the giant primates that look so close to humans. These take up 97% of our genes.


The experience is fascinating as you get a closer look at the gorillas playing, feeding as well as resting. The environment is conserved with regulated rules that govern the area; this is the only way the endangered primates have been able to survive. Currently it’s recorded that only 700 primates are still left in the world

The conservation organization work aimlessly to preserve the gorillas and not to devastate their environment. Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation is a popular body that encourages the local people to conserve the gorillas and not to harm them in any way.

Close to 600 mountain gorillas in still in existence now but the greatest threat is man killing them. For so many years, these primates have been hunted by man and are traded as macabre mementos to those that visit the country. Many have been stolen whereas the young ones are taken to the zoo and surviving is so minimal.

Gorilla trekking is a charming encounter; it gives you a chance to see the gorillas in their natural setting and at a close range. Depending on the weather conditions or accessibility of the gorilla permits, trekking or tracking can be done in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Getting a closer look at the mountain gorillas will not live the same, you will be delighted and the experience will be for a lifetime. As many tourists come to visit the gorillas, this increases their survival rate. You may be wondering why someone has to first get a permit to access the gorillas, this is because the money that is paid is used to conserve the environment and still provide tight security against the poachers that hunt them.

Cost of gorilla tracking Permits

gorilla tracking permitDepending on the destination of your choice, you may have to pay different fees. If you are going to trek the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, it will cost you US $ 750. Make sure that you have that money to purchase a gorilla permit. With Uganda the cost is less, you pay $ 500 per 1 hour’s trekking per person. You are recommended to pay visa fees as well as local service fees which is close to US $60-75.You are supposed to renew your Kenyan or even Ugandan visa if you are to visit DR Congo or Rwanda. It will be to your advantage if you increased some amount on your budget because these gorilla permits or transfer costs are not stable, they keep on changing and this should not stop you from adventuring with the most charming creature in the world. The least on your budget for gorilla permits should be close to US $750.

The permits are expensive and only 10 permits are issued per gorilla family each day. This is the only way to limit on the number of visitors that frequent the park.100% of the charges go directly to the government for conservation of the different parks that are a home to the mountain gorillas.

One thing that you must know about these permits is that we are not in charge of the changing prices rather this depends on the political situation that is current. Itinenaries can be tailor-made just in case of any problem.




Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a well known rain forest in the remote areas of the southwestern part of Uganda. It harbors a big population of the endangered mountain gorillas.Bwindi has now been acknowledged as a world heritage site because of the gorilla safaris that are carried out. The park covers an area of approximately 200 sq km of dense rainforest along with jungle vegetation that draws many Mountain gorillas to the area.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is also famous for the gorilla safaris; it’s located towards the southwestern edge of Uganda close to the slopes of the Virunga Mountains that surround the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda

Once you are in Uganda, you will definitely get a chance to see these gorillas in any of the parks. The most exciting aspect about these Mountain gorillas is when you are tracking them in the dense rainforest, discovering them hiding with their little ones will be a great experience for a lifetime. As you trek through the forest, you will still see other kinds of wildlife for instance the golden monkeys, bush buck, leopard, duiker, chimpanzees as well as diverse bird species. Thrilling through these parks will surely make you love the place.

The Rewards of Uganda Gorilla Safaris

As you hunt for these Mountain gorillas in the dense rainforest, keep in mind that this activity may take around 1 to 4 hours due to the fact that the gorillas are not usually in one place. They move around the forest as they look for food and for this reason, they are easily accessed because they don’t stay in a place for so long unless when it’s time to rest or feed the young ones.

Tracking these gorillas is usually done in groups of about 8 people and which lasts an hour. The activity is quite difficult as you will have to trek many hills in search of the gorillas, joy is actually received when you see them live in their natural setting and also carrying out their daily roles for example caring for the little ones, playing and feeding them. At this point, you fill that the journey is worth trekking. This close proximity to our relatives will be an amazing experience.

Conservation History of the Uganda Gorillas

Uganda was one destination that was popular for its Mountain gorillas until 1994 when the neighboring Rwanda was attacked by a political war that left many people dead and some come to Uganda seeking for help, this definitely affected the natural environment of the gorillas. In 1999, another havoc hit Uganda as it was known to harbor the Rwanda rebels in Bwindi Park; this threatened the lives of the gorillas putting them at a risk of death.

The local people also got a chance to poach the Uganda gorillas because there were no rules put in place to protect them. A great number of the gorillas were endangered until when the government come up with policies that were going to protect the gorillas without harming them or encroaching on their land. Ever since these laws were set up, the gorillas have increased in number thus attracting many tourists to the country. The conservation organizations are also working hard to give freedom to the gorillas in their environment and that is why the visiting hours are very strict.

Uganda Gorilla Safari Guidelines

A safari to the Uganda Mountain gorillas will necessitate a well trained tracker and park ranger. These are the best people that are familiar with the area and know exactly where to locate the gorillas at any time of the day. They have done a lot of research about the gorillas and the parks, once they share the knowledge they have with the visitors, this makes a memorable safari.

The great exciting is usually got when you trek the gorillas and discover them as a family in their habitant in the dense rainforest. The gorillas are like human beings, they have a duty to look for food and still raise the young ones and because of this they are moving from one place to another. As you track the gorillas, you must have this in mind and that is why the journey is a bit challenging and yet adventurous at the end.

With the world record, it’s stated that there are only 700 mountain gorillas left. Having a chance to see these special gorillas on a safari is a great honor and a lifetime experience.

Interesting Uganda Gorilla Facts:

Mountain gorillas are tracked during hours between 6am-6pm, it’s the best time to see them play, feed and rest with the young ones.

Another exciting feature about the male gorillas is that when they age, their hair on the back turns to grey or silver. It’s from this ideology that these male gorillas are known as the silver backs. As the day comes to an end, the mountain gorillas make up a nest where to rest at night with the vegetation that is surrounding them. The nose prints is the only way you can identify these Uganda gorillas because they are a bit different from the rest.

The male gorillas can be identified by the bony skulls making them quite different from the females. The gorillas that dwell in the Virunga Mountains are characterized by darker and longer hairs that can adapt to the environment of any kind along with the changing climate be it cold or hot. If your holiday or vacation is approaching, an African safari to the wilderness will be perfect. With so many safari destinations in Africa, Uganda with its thrilling nature with offer you tours with the best scenic African views.

Uganda lies across the equator and part of the Great Rift Valley. To the East Uganda borders Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda in the south, west with Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan in the North. A sixth of the country is covered by water bodies including lakes, rivers and swamps, another portion with vegetation mainly forest and the rest by land.

Uganda enjoys one of the best climates in the world. It is sunny and green all year around with two distinct rainy seasons stretching from March to May and September to November. However, rain can occur anytime. The average temperature is 27°C and range between 31°C in the Karamoja and Kasese regions and 15°C in Kabale. Unlike on a Kenya safari, Tanzania holiday or Rwanda tours in East Africa, Uganda offers mountain gorillas as a unique safari attraction to the country.  Gorilla trekking tours offer an exclusive experience in Africa where the tourists hike through thick forests in search of gorilla families then spend an hour watching them playing from branch to branch, young gorilla suckling their mother’s breasts and some may get a chance to watch them giving birth.

Other holiday activities include game drives, mountain climbing, bird watching, nature, walking, wildlife tours, boat cruises, chimpanzee tracking, sport fishing, kayaking all enabling you to see a world of wildlife. Uganda also offers quality and comfortable safari accommodation ranging from luxury to budget depending on what you want. Accommodation is in hotels, safari lodges, inns, guest houses, hostels and camps. Great hotel offers at huge discounted rates are available in most Hotels. For all your Tours and Uganda Travel Information, this holiday Safaris Guide will provide all you need.